November 8, 2014

Fall Post

 Mamaw Vel turned 90 years old this year!  We were so happy to be able to celebrate with her!  :)

 Asher didn't want his picture taken.  Even when Papaw advised him to.  lol

 Harper was just fine with having her picture taken!

 Telling stories about the good old days....

 Cannon ball off the back of the boat

They just recently started holding hands when they are walking together.  So sweet.

This was my birthday meal.  Shaped into a triangle for the true "Delta" symbolism.  My husband is so sweet.

Harper's very first haircut!

Harper kept asking me if she could give DJ a ride in her stroller.  

She is a mess.  Attitude for days.

No more highchair!  Sitting at the table with brother now!

Ready for church- Asher did not want to take pictures.

Playing with Hudson at church

 Pinnacle Mountain Park

 First Hog football game- it was also Labor Day weekend so we were at the lake, of course!

 The Holsclaw's came to join us!  Whitman loves cupcakes just like Harper!

Harper and Preston are ready for a boat ride.

 We went to Louisiana to visit my Grandmother.  Harper loved sharing her french fries.

And pushing her walker....

Selfie with Ganny!

Get to a better state with State Farm!  We went to the Badger football game at War Memorial and Daddy was working a booth there.

   Cookie telling the kids about football at the Badger football game.

 We invited the Berryman's over for the Razorback game. 

Chowing down!

 Trying on mommy's shoes

 We went to Dallas to visit Lucy and Henry

 We watched all of the kids while Jonathan and Mary went to the Razorback game.  It was a lot of fun- despite the look of concern on Henry and Harper's faces.

 Then Aunt Mary babysat our kids while Dennis and I went to State Farm Convention in Vegas. 

 Mary sent us this picture- of her and all of the kiddos loaded up headed to the park!  She is very brave!

 Jon Bon Jovi concert

The kids are ready to head to the pumpkin patch. 

 Harper never has been crazy about the hay rides.  I think all of the times that Papaw lets her ride in the cab of his tractor has ruined her for sitting in a trailer behind the tractor!

Harper narrating....

 Asher's class at school getting ready for the Booster Thon!

Asher getting in perfect form... for running out to the field.  They weren't even actually in the race yet.  He is so silly about being competitive.

Asher and his friends enjoying snowcones after the run.

 Another razorback game- this time we went to the Berryman's house.  And the kids found some dress up clothes....

 Harper loves to play with Mattie.

Trampoline park for Chase's birthday!  This was the clearest picture I could get.

 Little Rock Razorback game!  We won't talk about the score....

 State Fair

 Harper is dressed up for her school Halloween party.

 Halloween!  Captain America, Sailor, Bumblebee and Snow white

Harper didn't want to miss a step with the big kids.

These boys had so much fun and got so much candy!

Harper and her cute shoes.  Girls are so much fun to dress.  :)

We went on an adventure... to the park!

Asher had show and tell this week.  He could take anything with him that started with the letters A-G.  And he chose his Bible!  Love him so much!