July 19, 2015

Disney Comparisons

I've already done our Disney vacation photo album.  But for fun I wanted to look at comparison photos from 2013 and 2015.  It's crazy what a difference 2 years makes!

Harper made it a point to kiss as many of they characters as she could this year.

Oddly enough Mickey is wearing the exact same outfit!



 Harper was still a tired baby!



 Just a girl having a snack.... and her dog patiently waiting for her inevitable crumbs to fall

Lake day 

The tulip magnolia we planted in memory of my Mother has had blooms for several months now.  This is the first year that it has had extended blooms and I am so excited!  So special to me! 

Harper went to see Dr. Jolley for her first dentist appointment and she did great!  So of course we needed to celebrate with some form of sugar.  :) 

The new ski trainer- Asher loves it! 

Harper thinks its just a tiny boat to ride on. 

But she still loves it. 

I'm not sure where Asher learned this pose but it is awesome.

 Dinosaurs!  Harper is petrified.... no pun intended.

 Ha!  I love her face in this one.

Asher is busy filling out the chart they gave him. 

I managed to not get one single good photo throughout the entire exhibit.  But it wasn't from the lack of trying. 

Game and Fish Museum 

We managed to color coordinate the entire family without trying!

Chocolate ice cream face! 

Happy Father's day Papaw! 

Helping Papaw drive 

Happy Fathers day Papaw Wayne!