August 27, 2014

Summer Pictures Part Two

I can't believe Summer is over!  It came and went so fast this year.  I guess that is what happens when you have kids.  :)  We had so much fun!  Here are the rest of our Summer pics....

Hanging out with cousin Max.  (Asher is a crab by the way)

Breakfast at the lake just tastes better!

We celebrated Dennis' birthday by having an adults only night at Soma and listening to live music

Back at the lake

Beautiful sunset!  (Asher is jumping for joy)

Asher's second trip to the dentist!  We love Dr. Jolley!   Asher knew what to expect this time so I actually had time to snap a picture.

 Asher's first swim lesson with Miss Claire

 Harper stayed busy in the baby pool while Asher had his lesson

We love to eat outside in the Summer time!

Mr. Carl and Carly came to visit us at the lake!

We all had so much fun! 

Mr. Carl was brave and took Asher and Carly out on the jet ski!  Fun!

I love this picture.  I feel like it embodies Harper's "I do what I want to do" attitude.

Waiting on Asher at swim lessons again

We spent a lot of time at the pool this year!

The kids outfits matched one day so I took a quick picture.  This was the last week they were at school together at Darnall School.

We went to Museum of Discovery for Whitman's birthday party!  So much fun!

My baby dinosaurs

Every child got these awesome dino tails!  How cool are they?!?!!  They loved them!

Harper being silly with her shoelaces

 And then... we have the first day of Pre-K.  Asher was so excited he couldn't make a straight face.  Lol.  Oh wait, that is normal for him.

I love Harper "reading" his sign.

Mrs. Williams is the best!

Harper likes to inspect Asher's backpack and lunchbox after school

Harper also likes to throw drop down and kick a lot temper tantrums.  :)  Fun stuff!  I have a picture with Asher throwing a tantrum at this age but I can't find it.  September 2011 post won't load pics for some reason.  Maybe I can add it later.  I love comparisons! 

We fed the geese off the back of the boat!

 We had fun until Papaw told us to stop.  So then Asher scared them away!

I saw a beautiful full rainbow on my way home from yoga the other day!  It was awesome!!
 Trip to the zoo

 They make the same face, but I couldn't get them to make it at the same time!

 First time to ride on the new train!

 Harper is amazed!!

 Asher is happy happy happy!

And Harper is over it.....

Asher told me that he wanted to wear his glasses on the back of his head so it would look like he had two sets of eyes.... clever.

Jack's birthday party!  Asher loves the lightsaber!

Harper driving Asher in the ice cream truck

 1,000 tickets in one spin!  And our cool prize was an Avenger pen!  I kind of thought he would get more but I let him choose.

Harper plays skee ball differently than others.

My kids are not golf pros.  We learned that this day.  But it was fun!

Nothing like a good healthy meal after a long day playing!  Just joking, it's only a pizza buffet!  Avery Reese is so sweet to cut up Harper's food for her.  I think I have found my future babysitter!  :)

I tried to get a picture of both kids after church and this is the best I could do.  I have no idea where Asher ran off too.  But Harper looks cute even when she isn't looking at the camera!