December 28, 2014

Final post of 2014

The kids showing off Asher's Thanksgiving artwork

Harper at Thanksgiving- I snapped a picture because she looks so tiny at the table.

Playing with Cousin Lauren at Mamaw Faye's house

The Stover Thanksgiving at Arkadelphia
Mackensie and McKinley

Cousin River is photo ready all of the time!  :)

Having fun with Cousin Jennifer

Harper is not excited about photo time

The kids had to wait until everyone left to go on a tractor ride- they were so excited when the last car left!

I had big boy help from Asher this year sending Christmas cards!  He put the stickers on the envelopes for me.

I just love it when they hold hands.

Harper's birthday

Decorating cookies

Jack and Cooper
Avery Reese and Hudson

Whitman and Preston

Cupcake time

Leslie is a ray of sunshine, as usual.  :)

And the party ended up outside somehow...

Decorating more cookies with Papaw

Opening gifts from the grandparents

This is the silliness that goes on every day at our house

Harper is still not impressed with Santa

Opening gifts on her actual birthday.  2 whole years old.  Not sure how that happened so quickly....

Preston's birthday party

They got the cutest little gingerbread aprons

And we played with underwear.... because we can.

Asher's Christmas party at school

My mini me

Keeping themselves entertained while waiting on the doctor.  Asher had a sinus infection.  :(

And we came home to this.... DJ the dog ate the gingerbread house.

So we bought another one.  And left it high on the counter top.  :)

Mommy made me breakfast!  Headed to Arkadelphia to see Thomas the train.

Testing out Papaw's very own Thomas the train creation.  The kids were in love at first sight.

It's hard to tell who is more excited....

Harper is still not sure about riding by herself....

So Cookie rides with her!

My boys

The Dads were left in charge while the Mom's had a girls night.

I think this is more what it looked like while the Mom's were off duty.  :)

Christmas Eve presents

Christmas morning presents
(Harper has on Bubble Guppie pjs with Spiderman pjs on top)

Daddy's present from the kids.

Happy girl on Christmas day!

Singing happy birthday to Jesus!

Henry and Harper hanging out with Papaw at the Bost Family Christmas

These two are going to be trouble in a few years!

Peanut time!

 I love the sequence of pictures with the Christmas pjs

 Harper raises her arms when everyone starts cheering- it's just what a true Razorback fan does.  You don't even understand why. 

We tried to get them to hold up the Nativity pieces... 

And then we just give up and have crazy photo time

Papaw feeding the bottomless pit, otherwise known as Harper.  She loves sweets just like her mom!

The train full of Bost babies (and Cookie)  Papaw loves making his grand kids happy!  :)