July 13, 2014

Summer Pictures

We have been so busy this Summer I haven't had time to post!  Here are our Summer pictures so far.  They aren't in chronological order but I tried to keep them grouped together... 100 pics are a lot to keep straight for this crazy mommy!

Cookie and the kids.  Asher's best fish face!

 My friends Jennifer and Jana!  Jana just got hitched!  :)

Playing at the lakeside

 My Grandmother finally decided it was time to move into a nursing home.  So Harper and I spent a weekend packing up her stuff to help her move.  And I know this pic is blurry.  Turns out it's hard to get them both looking and smiling at the same time!

 Harper the ham bone!

I think Asher may have a career in window washing!

Our first trip on the big boat in 2014.  And no, I don't think they meant to color coordinate.  


Harper loves to sit in her Papaw's lap!  Especially when he is driving the boat!

This pic sums up our family.  We want to take a family picture but one of the kids isn't having it.  So then we both are trying to explain to Asher why he wants to come back in the water.  Didn't work out to well which is okay because it turns out that I am way too pale to be taking photos anyways.

Harrison is reading to the kids

Harper decided she would read to Harrison for a while.

Dennis and I went to celebrate Sloan and Kathryn's wedding at the Hot Springs Country Club.  So happy for them!

Fourth of July Weekend
Harper helping Papaw drive the boat

There was relaxing on the "floating island"....



more floating island... this time with fish inside....

 cake eating....

lots of hanging out....

 more dancing....

 picture posing....

marshmallow eating....

and big breakfast eating fun!

 And the kids still got along after we got home.  Which is a plus.  :)

 Trip to the Game and Fish Museum downtown

 Playing at the real pool this time

This is where we started the Summer at- in the back yard in our small tub of water

 Doesn't it look like so much fun?


This girl loves the swing!

Happy and sad faces!  Lots of drama with the girl in the  house!

 This is the first time I captured Harper opening the door by herself.  So much for the shut door policy.

We celebrated Asher's birthday at a Traveler's game this year!  We had so much fun!

Asher ran the entire time!

This is one of Harper's looks!  She is famous for them.

Memorial Day fun
Harper was so tired but she still wanted to touch Papaw so they held hands while he drove the boat

Harper's first time in the lake this Summer!

 We celebrated Asher and Henry's birthdays while we were together!

 The kiddos

 Lots of toy action...

 Henry loves his new tractor!

 It was a super hero themed party- here are 3 super heroes running all around!  Henry was busy with tractors.

Whoa, the bad guys better watch out!  These super heroes are serious!

 Henry wearing Asher's hat

 Hanging out with Uncle Bob

 Reading with Cookie

 One more quick picture

And they are out....