March 2, 2014


Hanging out with Dad watching the Super Bowl

Legos come in handy when the Super Bowl gets boring....

Snow day!  Harper could barely stand up she had so many layers on.  So when she fell she just sat there not sure how to get up.

I was asking them to pose for a picture and then.....

Daddy blindsided Asher with a snowball.  The look on his face says it all.... he is a very emotional boy.

Round 2 in the snow

Our bug snowman

Sliding into the snowman was as much fun as building it!

Making snowballs

Snowball fight!

A few weeks later when it was much warmer we went to the deer camp

Asher got tired of walking so I have him a lift!

We tried 2 in the single stroller but that didn't last long!

Squirrel hunt

I can't imagine why we didn't see any squirrels..... we were so quiet with both kids and a stroller! Ha!

Picnic outside

Silly boy with Papaw

Visiting Mamaw Vel

Harper has a hard time sitting still.  I can't imagine who she gets that from.

The kids were worn out after our fun trip!

Harper can climb to the top of the play set now. I'm not ready for the climbing stage!

She looks so small up there!

Getting ready to slide

They were all dressed for church one weekend and Asher begged to wear his Spider-Man hat. I let him because he also wanted to wear his "Land Before time" shirt and he lost that battle.

Harlem Globetrotters game with Chase

Asher was so excited

One of the players took his cotton candy! He gave it back after he ate some! Asher wasn't sure what to think!

The players were just as silly as we expected

The boys had a blast!

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Anonymous said...

Lots of great pics! Lived seeing all of them!